Three Phases of Health Restoration

"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it." — Hippocrates

Three Phases - Health Restoration

Three Phases of Health Restoration - how our process works at New Being Wellness.

Phase One - Fine Tuning Phase

Once you start on your initial nutritional supplement program, it generally takes four to six office visits to have it COMPLETELY fine tuned. These visits are normally completed weekly to ensure proper monitoring. During this time we will also be reviewing your diet and offering you guidance in regard to any essential improvements necessary in order to maximize your gains.

Phase Two - Healing & Observation Phase

After your initial “Fine Tuning” phase is completed, meaning that your nutritional program is stabilized, you will be ready to start on your first “12-week Healing and Observation Phase.” This part of your healing cycle normally does not require continuing weekly visits. Most people find that optimum progress can be obtained by having a regular schedule of check-ups every other week for the 12-week period.

During this Healing and Observation Phase, we will be doing two things:


Monitoring all of your active organs / areas to ensure that your body is responding appropriately to your program. This will allow us to adjust your program as may be needed as you move through this period of time to ensure maximum potential gain for you. This may or may not include changes in doses, and/or adding or deleting any particular supplement or recommendation when and if the need arises based on what shows up during this healing and observation phase.

During this phase additional layers may show up and further recommendations may be made. This might include additional procedures which can be done in our office such as: Infared Sauna, Ion Foot Detox Bath, and / or appropriate referrals to other allied health professionals.


At the end of this 12-week Healing and Observation Phase we will re-evaluate your progress in order to determine your actual rate of recovery and what additional recommendations might be needed in order for you to obtain and/or maintain maximal health improvement.

Phase Three - Maintenance Phase

Once you have achieved a more optimum health level, naturally you will want to stay well. This is most easily accomplished through routine Nutrition Response Testing office visits over the next year and beyond. Frequency is determined on an individual basis, anywhere from monthly, to quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually. Each individual is different.

Most maintenance programs require lesser amounts of nutritional supplements than were needed in the earlier phases of your program to “protect your investment in your health.” Getting onto a maintenance program will allow us to continue to assist you and your body to maintain the health improvements you have experienced to this point.

Initial maintenance programs generally begin with a series of monthly visits (i.e.: once per month for 3 to 6 months,) and then, as appropriate, a wellness check and program update every three to four months, etc., based on your body's needs.

Our experience is that a health maintenance program designed specifically to meet your needs and updated regularly is the most effective way to protect and continue to improve your health as time goes on. This would be optimum rather than allowing your health to return to its former reduced condition, which brought you to us in the first place. We are sure you can see the wisdom in this. Good health is the best health insurance there is.

During this time you might want to look at other health issues which have not already been handled, including hair, nails, skin, bones, weight, and/or other long term health challenges.

Some of your current program may remain as part of your maintenance program and/or other supplements may be recommended to meet your body's individual needs for the long term.


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